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Meet the ‘B’ Family:

We are a fun loving family of four who calls the naturally and culturally diverse province of Alberta, Canada, our home.  We live a very fortunate life that includes plenty of real life moments like homework, visiting craft breweries, football Sundays, dancing at festivals and house renovations, all rounded out by two lazy cats and a Wonder Beagle named Bentley.

Passports and Pigtails Family Travel Blog embraces our passion to explore the corners of this amazing earth.  We’ve tackled grueling rocky mountain hikes, shared wine with locals in Tuscany, thrown our key in the Seine, driven through a giant Sequoia and swam with sharks in Hawaii.  We view every new path as a tool, an opportunity to grow, learn and open our souls to change.  While we would never turn down a 5 star stay, we are content to lie in backcountry and count the ones above.  Whether it’s a luxury pool or a glacial stream, a gourmet creation or a simple homemade dish, we are thankful for any opportunity that connects us.  We are the family who is game for anything.  The family who is optimistic, adaptable and respectful.  We are the family behind Passports and Pigtails.



  1.  We are ever evolving.  Our family is always open to new adventures, unique experiences and soul changing moments.  The unplanned, the unheard of….that is where the magic lies.
  2. Authentic travel is at the heart of our family.  We do not corner ourselves into a niche of expectation, but rather we look for experiences that allow us to bond as a family while discovering the heart of a location.
  3. We love nothing more than local immersion. Connecting over a glass of wine with an owner, staff member or local, discussing what messages are important to them and what core values they wish to see reflected in my writing, is something very important to me.
  4. Quality and client satisfaction are of the utmost importance to me.  Each client is unique, each accommodation, location and experience worth nothing short of an article written with passion, dedication and complete appreciation.

Passports and Pigtails


The world is constantly searching for opinions and answers.  People are drawn to a beautiful photo that whisks them away or a tale of an experience they can envision themselves embracing.  In a way, travel is like real estate, and I am here to sell my passions to readers around the world, to inspire them to follow in our footsteps or embark upon their own paths.


Sponsored stays with Tourism Boards or connection a unique or boutique accommodation are among our favorites.  We will also review restaurants, attractions, tours, activities, events and products that are a well suited match to our voice and values.  Our reviews are always honest, individual and well crafted in a positive light.

I could imagine going to Alberta to get away from all connectivity and simply exist. That sounds like one incredible way to reconnect in an absolutely beautiful place. Your reflection shots are magnificent.” – ‘Mount Engadine Lodge Review’ reader

“Oh my Gosh Amy! This is the best article on Edmonton I’ve ever read. You are so thorough and I don’t think you left any of the very best of Edmonton out. Thank you so much for including Alberta Food Tours. I’m deeply grateful and humbled! – Karen (owner, Alberta Food Tours)

I confess, as a North American, my image of Calgary is not very urban. I always thought of it as a smallish city in the middle of nowhere, but the photos and description above are utterly different. Need more posts on Calgary.” – ‘Calgary Weekend’ reader


Started in late 2015 as a creative writing outlet, Passports and Pigtails has grown into a Family Travel Blog that reaches readers around the world, and our social media following grows daily:

Our blog is aimed at Travelers and Travel Families, as well as promoting local events and experiences.  Our main readership is in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.


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First off, wow! This is amazing, and probably one of the most extensive blogs we’ve seen about Mount Engadine! You truly captured the feeling of the lodge. Your photos are amazing too!…They’re just as happy with the post as I am. Great work!” – PR Specialist, Anstice Communications

“Thank you so much for visiting Calgary with your family this weekend. To say your social coverage was stellar is an understatement!” – Manager, Content Marketing, Tourism Calgary

“This is such a great blog entry and a great reflection of the awesome weekend your family had in the city.  I feel lucky to have been able to play host.  Thanks for such a quick turnaround on this content…It was such a pleasure to have your family visit Calgary and we’re so glad we were able to collaborate on this project. “ – Coordinator, Content, Tourism Calgary


We are a fun loving family working to build lasting connections through unforgettable moments.  We embrace the philosophy of being a family that plays together, and of being parents who lead by example, raising little people who respect humankind and mother nature.

Allstones Lake Trail, Alberta, Canada