Fairmont Hotel Macdonald, Edmonton, Canada

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald: A Mother-Daughter Weekend in the Fairytale Castle of Edmonton

“Whether for business or pleasure, Fairmont Hotel Macdonald has the attentive staff and luxurious accommodations to make your stay a graceful complement to the fun that abounds just outside our doors.” -Fairmont Hotel Macdonald- From the Edmonton River Valley it looms, a majestic combination of copper and limestone, radiating a romantic elegance in a tale that weaves […]

Visiting The Edmonton Ice Castle

Only a true Canadian would don four layers, 5 lb boots, a parka and a smile in order to fully embrace temperatures of minus 20 in which to explore frozen water.  For fun.  And pay to do so. So what exactly is that monstrous, cascading wall of winter that looms behind us?  That would be the incredible work of the creative minds behind Utah-based Ice Castles.  This is the second year for […]