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Luxury, Location and Long Bars: A Stay at the Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston

I imagine this is how Alice felt, unsure which parts of her lavishly dramatic world were a dream and which parts still held footing in reality.  Swirls of brilliance and magical mirrors, deep rose reds and ornate door handles that surely lead to worlds of enchantment.  I believe there was also something about a momentous Tea Party.  What a scene it must have been back in 1912, when the doors to the luxurious Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel first opened and the heart of Boston found itself adorned with a new symbol of hospitality to celebrate such a rich history and mesh of culture.  Ladies in an array of elegant dresses, extravagant folds of fabric swishing down the ornately tiled Peacock Alley, twinkling chandeliers and gilded decor above and a night of gala dancing in the ballroom beyond.  It is no wonder this stunning hallway is the most Instagram’d spot in the hotel, or that the hotel has been the set of numerous Hollywood scenes.

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”

-Coco Chanel-

Peacock Alley, Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel


Luxury travel is the art of expectation.  It is the pursuit of a specific level of experience and service, a desire to be fully immersed in a world of catered elevation.  Fairmont has always been an industry leader, a name synonymous with opulence, indulgence and historically preserved elegance.  It is a name that puts as much care and attention into the conservation of intricate walkways and muraled ceilings, as it does the guests who appreciate them.  A Fairmont hotel continually maintains a perfect symmetry of glamour and comfort, a harmonious balance between classical charm and modern amenities, and the Fairmont Copley Plaza embodies each quality with refreshing vigor.

Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel, Boston

The halls of the Fairmont Copley Plaza have been graced by nearly every US President since Taft, numerous dignitaries and members of royalty, as well as countless celebrities.  Designed by Henry Janeway Hardenbergh, who is also credited for the prestigious Plaza Hotel in New York, the 4 Diamond Fairmont Copley Plaza is a literal work of art.

“Fairmont Copley Plaza is a member of Historic Hotels of America®, the official program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation for recognizing and celebrating the finest historic hotels across America.”

Constructed on the original site of the Museum of Fine Arts, the roots of artistic grandeur run deep.  The realistic sky and cloud ceiling render the Oval Room one of the most beautiful rooms in Boston, a space that has seen more weddings than the historically significant church next door.  Two gilded lions stand guard over the St James Entrance, sculpted by Alexander Pope and rescued from the demolition of the Kensington Hotel in 1967.  Those guests in search of an even deeper appreciation of Boston culture and memorabilia can indulge in a stay in one of eight themed historical suites that pay homage to legends such as the Boston Pops, the Boston Symphany Orchestra and the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum.  Whether your plans include a glamorous ballroom gala or intimate soiree, orchestrating a state of the art business meeting or simply passing time in a wing back chair awaiting your private airport transfer, the moments spent at the Fairmont Copley Plaza will forever be an affair to remember.


  • Door and Bell Staff
  • Valet Parking
  • Concierge
  • Twice Daily Maid Service, Turn Down Service
  • 24 hour Room Service
  • In Room Massage
  • BMW Bikes (2 hrs complimentary)
  • OAK Long Bar + Kitchen
  • 3000 Sqft Rooftop Health Club
  • Fairmont Gold:  Exclusive Club experience with private lounge

For a detailed list of all guest amenities, click HERE

Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel, Boston


A smiling doorman offers genuine warmth as he bids you good morning, opening his glass gateway to Boston possibility.  As you prepare to leave the hotel, you come to the realization that you are simply stepping from one world into the heart of another.  Pass through the looking glass Alice, Boston is your oyster.

Just steps from the door are several major highlights of Boston’s Back Bay.  Built in 1858, the distinguished Boston Public Library Copley Square was designed as a palace to inspire and elevate the public.  Opposite the library looms the Venetian Gothic style, Old South Church, a designated National Historic Landmark building.  To the east stands yet another National Landmark, the Trinity Church Boston, designated as “one of the ten most important buildings in America” by the American Institute of Architects, as well as the Hancock Tower, New England’s tallest building at 60 storeys.  In the centre of it all lies Copley Square, home to Boston’s largest Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Booking a stay at the Fairmont Copley Plaza is an investment in your exceptional Boston experience.  With an address in the heart of the city’s prestigious core, walk-ability is perhaps the hotels greatest asset.  But be prepared to throw your painstakingly detailed Boston itinerary out the window as you discover a newfound passion for gourmet cupcakes, boutique window shopping, botanical park strolling and the best bowl of clam chowder to ever grace your tastebuds.  Walking is to marvel, to stand in awe at just how architecturally stunning Boston is.  Angles and curves, stone pillars and narrow, cobblestone walkways, the perfect blend of old and new giving off a distinctly European vibe.  Stroll passed the dreamy row houses that line the iconic Commonwealth Avenue Mall, or embark on a historical education as you follow the red path of the Freedom Trail.  Begin with gourmet coffee and a sweet pastry in Beacon Hill and finish with a hot dog and round of ‘Sweet Caroline’ at the legendary Fenway Park.  Opportunity lies within each step.

**While method of travel and dealing with distances are always a personal preference, after arriving at the Fairmont we never once felt the need for a rental car, taxi service or public transit in order to explore. 


Boston Marathon Finish Line: 0.1 miles

The Boutique Shops and Designers of Newbury Street:  0.1 miles

Commonwealth Avenue: 0.2 miles

Boston Public Gardens/Swan Boats:  0.6 miles

Boston Common/Freedom Trail Start:  0.8 miles

Fenway Park 1.1 miles

Faneuil Hall Market:  1.5 miles

Waterfront:  1.6 miles

Museum of Science:  1.8 miles


In our 5th floor room was a window box overlooking Copley Square, a haven for bathrobe lounging, coffee sipping and day planning.   In the evening it became a refuge for the girls, a secret space to relax and play a game, or catch up with a friend, the lights of the Trinity Church casting a soft glow from beyond.  We watched as folks perused the vendors of the Farmer’s Market, early morning tour groups listened to an educational interlude and a film crew set up for shots of the Boston Public Library to be featured in the upcoming Hollywood hit, “Little Women”.  It was all the aspects of daily Boston life, both the mundane and the extraordinary, happening before our eyes.

A View from the Room highlights Old South Church, Boston

Each of the 383 guest rooms (including 17 suites) are spacious and designed with the luxury traveler in mind, offering the traditional Fairmont union of historic charm to modern style and convenience.  Many of the door handles remain original, engraved with the Double “P” signature of the original architect.  Contemporary interiors reveal rich fabrics and furnishings, shades of blue and plum sprinkled throughout.  The bathroom boasts walls wrapped in the signature marble of the lobby, while the walk-in closet leaves enough space for an unparalleled Newbury Street boutique experience.

“Using high-end fabrics and furnishings, the refreshed spaces are designed to reflect the elegance of the past, while incorporating contemporary conveniences.”   – Fairmont Copley Plaza-

Double Room at the Fairmont Copley


If you look carefully you’ll find a thin gold crescent in the floor, a telltale reminder of a colorful history involving a carousel bar in a time of prohibition.  It’s a small detail in an atmosphere of contemporary city sophistication and elegantly curated details.

Oak Long Bar + Kitchen is your typical Fairmont experience.

Elevated.  Award Winning.  Delectable.

The design of Oak Long Bar + Kitchen is simple. Inspiration.  It is a place to both begin and end your day, a space of vibrant splashes of red against soaring windows draped in rich, white fabric, hightop bar conversation, stained glass couture and glass walled wine vaults.  It is a contemporary haunt for guests and locals to “see and be seen” in Boston Magazine’s 2017 “Best Hotel Bar”.

Begin the day with Brioche French Toast with Irish Cream Vanilla Custard or a Benedict made with organic, local eggs.  Tease the palette with Merguez Lamb Meatballs followed by a feast of Alaskan King Salmon.  Share in the brilliant construction of a deconstructed Boston Cream Pie.  Leave the kids resting in the room as you cozy up and toast yet another perfect day with an exceptionally crafted cocktail.  Boston was designed for indulgence.

Oak Long Bar + Kitchen, Boston


Her name is Carly Copley.  She sleeps beneath the watchful eyes of the lions, spending her days lapping up the affection of guests as the official canine ambassador of the Fairmont Copley Plaza.  Perhaps she feels most at home there, adopted animals banding together in a beautifully triumphant tale.  Since coming from the Animal Rescue League of Boston this gentle, formerly trained guide dog’s days are filled with naps, rides on bell carts, and scheduled walks with guests.  She is a resident, a companion and an integral part of the Fairmont family that makes an elegant hotel feel like a home.

Carly Copley, Fairmont Copley Plaza

While a portion of our stay at the Fairmont Copley was sponsored, the words and opinions are, as always, my own.

To the staff of the Fairmont Copley Plaza:  You are the very heart of the hotel.  It is your attention to detail and elevated service that is the true sparkle and gold that line the halls.  It is coming back to a room with personally designed Brady donuts because you knew our trip was about seeing him play.  It is the concierge working his magic and securing ticket options for us to catch our very first Red Sox game….ALDS playoffs against the Yankees to boot.  It’s genuine smiles, open doors, and private tours.  It is in the immaculate lobby spaces and the turned down corners of the beds.  And it is most certainly in the Coffee Creme Brulee at OAK.   It is with heartfelt gratitude that we say thank you.  Thank you for taking our dream trip and adding such a glamorous cherry on top.

Cheers and love,



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15 thoughts on “Luxury, Location and Long Bars: A Stay at the Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston

  1. Wow! The Fairmont Copley Plaza looks absolutely wonderful! We love places with classical charm and modern amenities. So this hotel looks really perfect! Boston is high on our bucket list, we’ll definitely visit the US again as soon as there’s a new president, and when we do we’ll head to Boston and stay a couple of nights in this luxurious hotel! A room with a view, close to major attractions and 24 hours of room service, nothing could go wrong there, could it?! 🙂

  2. The first photo in your post reminds me of an exact one I took at the Fairmont in Quebec City (which isn’t shocking since it’s a Fairmont castle too). I love the names of its themed rooms! It is very conveniently located to so much in the heart of Boston. I’m heading there next summer and would love to check it out because as usual it is the epitome of Fairmont elegance and luxury. And besides…I have to meet Carly!!!!

    1. Isn’t Carly such a gem?? My girls love meeting the Fairmont canine ambassadors, they are such a special aspect of the stay. And I agree, that luxurious castle look is definitely a Fairmont trademark. You will love the Fairmont Copley in Boston, it is perfection!

  3. The Fairmont Copley Plaza is looks one dreamy stay. we have been to faimont properties in India and they are absolute marvelous as this ones. Looks like you had a wonderful stay and why not, this hotel is so perfect for a luxurious stay.

  4. We have had great experiences with the Fairmont name but, more than that, I am always on the lookout for historic hotels in the heart of great cities. The Fairmont Boston sounds like a fabulous place to anchor a Boston weekend.

  5. Luxury travel is not my style but there are special occasions when you have to reward yourself and indulge a little. It would be nice to visit Carly’s home and have a try of Fairmont’s amenities if ever I get to Boston. 🙂

  6. I have yet to stay in a Fairmont Hotel, but I have walked through the lobbies of many, and they are quite something. This one in Boston is gorgeous! I would start my day with the brioche French toast and then tour the nearby sites to walk it off. 🙂

  7. Found the quote very catchy – “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury” and it is so meaningful. Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel looks majestic. Did not know about Historic Hotels of America and no wonder this place is on the list. It is artistically and tastefully designed. And the official canine ambassador is adorable. We have not been to Boston on our previous trips to US but whenever we do, would like to see this hotel for sure.

  8. What a fantastic review of the Fairmont Copley. I spent many years as a teen and young adult living and working in Boston and have grand memories from Copley Plaza. It’s now occurred to me thought that I have never been to this grand hotel. I might have to save up some hotel points and stay here on my next visit.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! The entire Copley area is spectacular, we were completely blown away by the surrounding architecture and the location and ease of walking to so many amazing sites. Such fortune to have had the opportunity to live in such an amazing city!

  9. I’ve stayed in a hotel right around the corner from here and I agree, it’s an amazing location in Boston! This hotel has my name written all over it. I’ll stay anywhere that’s both luxurious and historic. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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