Snow Valley Aerial Park, Edmonton, Alberta

Adventures in the Air: The Snow Valley Aerial Park, Edmonton, Alberta


Those first unsure footsteps, shaking hands, a nervous but determined face, gentle words of encouragement…. and a zip-wire so fun it needs to be crossed half a dozen times before moving on.  A mix of rainbows, platforms, adrenaline inducing pathways and strategically placed rest areas suspended high above the ground, the Snow Valley Aerial Park, Edmonton is childhood treehouse meets ‘Ninja Warrior‘.  Open from May to October, it one of the greatest additions to our capital city and your YEG summer agenda.

“It’s okay to be scared.  Being scared means you are about to do something really, really brave.”

-Mandy Hale-

Snow Valley Aerial Park, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The Snow Valley Aerial Park offers adventure on the KristallTurm KT90 Tower, the first of its kind in Canada, and just the 3rd in North America, making it a unique way to immerse yourself into the adventurous side of Edmonton.  Perfect for families, friends or even date-night, this epic structure will challenge your fears, your physical abilities and your willingness to step out of your comfort zone.  The best part?  You get to choose the level of difficulty and participation as every single route is optional.  From crossing wobbly snowboards and dangling circus hoops, to riding a bike across a guide wire or relaxing in a kayak 3 stories up before attempting the 50 foot free fall straight to the ground, there is fun to be found for every age and ability.

The Bicycle, Snow Valley Aerial Park, Edmonton, Alberta

“Snow Valley is a place dedicated to fun. We want our organization to be known as an enjoyable place. A place where individuals, friends, or families can come to smile, laugh, and share joy with one another.”

-Will Fraser, Snow Valley-


At the Snow Valley Aerial Park, safety is first and foremost.

  • All guests MUST sign a waiver, so arrive approximately 20 minutes prior to your scheduled time.
  • Minimum Height is 100 cm (3′ 3″).  Maximum weight is 300 lbs
  • What to Wear:  Closed toe shoes (No flip-flops).  Active wear.  Long hair must be tied up, no hair pins or scarves.
  • No cameras or cell phones.  No loose objects in pockets (there are mini lockers for storage of valuables)
  • **Approved as a safe activity by Alberta Schools

Arriving at your allotted climb time, you are greeted by a friendly staff member who has everything ready for your personal instruction in safety and course usage.  The course runs on a Clic-it Belay System, a series of wires, magnets and carabiners that prevent any accidental unclipping, keeping you connected to safety at ALL times.  Once you are geared up, you will perform a run through on the ground level to ensure you know how to properly use the system.  It is very efficient and easy to use, allowing you to be secure on the tower and for your mind to be at ease.


The Snow Valley Aerial Park offers guests a buffet of adrenaline charging adventure choices.  The course is set up on the same system as the ski hill, with paths ranging from Green (easy) to Blue (medium) to Black (difficult), spread out over 4 levels.

There is a ground level for children or those with a fear of heights, and includes 21 games.  This is followed by an additional 100 games over 3 levels of increasing height and difficulty.  With a theme of skiing, snowboarding, camping and the Edmonton River Valley, some unique adventures along the way include a ride across in the coal car, an old school camper trailer, a park bench, the bicycle, a snowboard balance bridge and a picnic table.  At the top is a large patio offering sweeping views and accommodation for hosted events.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”



  • Complimentary on-site parking
  • Climb experiences run approximately 2-3 hours
  • Come hydrated.  You cannot take a water bottle with you on the course
  • There is a washroom on site, located in the campground
  • Yes, you can camp on site!  Visit the Rainbow Valley Campground page for more info
  • There is a discount for ‘Twilight’ Hours, beginning 2.5 hours prior to close
  • BIRTHDAY PARTIES:  Looking for a unique birthday party idea?  Visit HERE

This park is a perfect example of authentic connection for families as you work on trust, encouragement, determination, overcoming fears and ultimately a sense of triumph and accomplishment.  

Thank you to the staff at the Snow Valley Aerial Park for providing us with this incredible experience!  While this was a sponsored adventure, the opinions and words are, as always, my own.

Happy climbing!



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16 thoughts on “Adventures in the Air: The Snow Valley Aerial Park, Edmonton, Alberta

    1. It truly is! I’ll be the first to admit that I had no idea what to expect, and it turned out to be one of those epic adventures you can’t believe you’ve never done before!

  1. The KT90 looks like a blast. It’s like the ultimate tree house you might build, with arial bikes and suspended picnic tables even. I would love to just play around in the park and enjoy the view.

  2. Wow, the Snow Valley Aerial Park looks like quite an adventure! I hadn’t heard of it before. I’m not afraid of heights but my own clumsiness. The safety features take care of that, so it would be fun to try.

    1. The safety system is pretty awesome! It is fail safe and fool proof, and it is so simple to use. It really enhances the day when you take out the fear of falling!

  3. This looks really fun! I especially love what you said in the last part of this article, that it’s a place for families to bond and give encouragement to one another and share a sense of accomplishment in the end. This is what family travel is about, beyond just ticking off places on your bucket list.

  4. Man, oh man this place looks crazy! Strangely I’ve done a bunch of climbing, ziplining, bungy jumping and been skydiving nearly 20 times, but high ropes courses for some reason freak me out! I went to a similar place a few years back and I loved all the bouncy activities and giant swings, but my legs were shaking like leaves every time I’d get out on one of the tightropes. Y’all are braver than me 😉 The photo on the bike gave me serious heebyjeebies!

    1. You sounds pretty brave to me! Amazing how different things really can rattle our nerves more than others. The bike was for sure a highlight, and knowing you cannot be unhooked from safety, even accidentally, really does help with the jitters. I kept telling the kids “You got this, you can’t fall even if you try!”

      1. I think it’s great to start the little guys off young with these things… they’re gonna grow up big and strong like their mama!

  5. All these activities look super-fun – but challenging, of course. I’m very afraid of heights so I wonder what this would do to me – whether knowing that there is this safety system would lessen my fear.

    1. It is quite a challenge! But there are ground obstacles for those with a fear of heights, and the safety system definitely puts your mind at ease. It is impossible to not be hooked to safety!

  6. Oh my word, this looks like so much fun!! There use to be a rope course at this retreat center I went to with my high school, and that was a blast – this looks like that, only x100!!

  7. I am afraid of heights, but this looks like so much fun. I have a friend who lives in Edmonton so I gotta ask her if she’s ever been. Looks like a great way to spend time with friends and family 🙂

  8. I want to do this! I’ve only been on zip-lines, and only one of them was of a considerable length and height (Montenegro, Lovcen National Park) and loved it every time. But getting to do it in a canoe would be eeven better!

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