A Year in Review: The Captured Moments of 2016

“Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. 

Write a good one.”

-Brad Paisley-

Our Family in Hawaii 2016
Our Family on Waimanalo Beach, Oahu, Hawaii, 2016

Another year come and gone.  The last day of 2016 has arrived, and it is a day I cherish.  Not because of a party, we never did commit to any of the invites.  Not because of needing to simply get beyond this day to start afresh, we had quite an incredible year.  Today is all about reflection.  Today we will go thru our gratitude box and share our memories.  Today my grandparents arrive, we’ll go sledding, watch fireworks and I’ll probably fall asleep before midnight, curled up with a good book and our beagle, as the kids stay up with Dad.  Today I’ll have a chance to go thru photos, reminding me of those amazing moments we were fortunate to be a part of.  It is a day to remember how blessed and beautiful our life truly is.  So, please take a walk down memory lane as I appreciate some favorite memories of the past year.



North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

The photo above is a favorite of 2016.  It was a moment of perfection.  I have a water-lust soul, and it was completely at peace as we celebrated 4 generations together on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii for my Grandfather’s 80th birthday.  Whether we were in the mountains, enjoying a sunset, taking in the cityscape or looking over an emerald lake, life is all about taking a breath, and appreciating the view.


Saskatchewan Glacier Hike, Alberta, Canada

Nature is where we connect best as a family.  I love our week Unplugged in the Rockies, tucked away in our hidden slice of mountain paradise, completely disconnected from internet signals and electricity.  We watch the stars, fish, hike and sit around the campfire.  We were also fortunate to be at the ocean, to watch the girls snorkel, the whales breach, the turtles poke out their heads and to swim out to the falls of Waimea.  We pushed our limits, set new goals and found absolute bliss exploring the glorious paths and scenes Mother Nature has provided.


For me, one of the highlight moments of 2016, could not have been more un-planned.  It was literally a last minute, perfect storm.  Staying on the North shore of Oahu, we were at first concerned about the record setting swells that threatened to wash out the house 3 doors down.  But that feeling quickly changed when we realized the ultra rare “Eddie” would be held just a 10 minute walk away.  It was a rush to be part of the crowd, wet with rain and salt spray, thousands of people alive and electric with excitement.  The fortune and timing to witness such a coveted event of the world’s most elite surfers, along with the sheer force of what nature is capable of, is a moment that will forever remain a life highlight for me.

Rocking out to Justin Bieber, cheering on the Oilers and sitting in awe of Toruk, a Cirque du Soleil masterpiece, were just a few ways we spent time as a family.  We discovered amazing new shows such as Potted Potter and FISE Extreme Sports, where the girls were thrilled to meet the stars.  We bonded over colored cornstarch at the Graffiti Run, threw coins in the hat of buskers at the Street Performers Festival and inhaled the sounds and smells of Taste of Edmonton.  On a personal level, Miss Teenage B had a taste of movie cast life, as she spent a 15 hour day basking in the glory of life as a ‘high school extra’ and Little B is soaking up her love for her new found passion as flyer for her cheer team!


After living here for 13 years, we took time to explore and better appreciate our very own city.  Edmonton, Alberta, has so much to offer year round.  From walking the River Valley, the largest urban parkland in North America, to trying new restaurants, indulging in date-days, and exploring the city’s core and highlights, we are working to teach the girls, and ourselves, that sometimes the greatest adventures are in your own backyard.


This was my first complete year as a blogger.  I connected with some fascinating people around the world, was inspired to visit new destinations and educated on places new to my ears.  My numbers grew, and so did my confidence.  The icing on the cake?  I was offered my first sponsored experience, as the incredible team at Tourism Calgary treated us to four days of epic Calgary adventure.  Read about our experience HERE.


To me, travel is a bonus of life.  It means nothing if I don’t have my most special people by my side.  In our lives, our friends are our family, and our family is cherished.  We are fortunate to have a circle encompassing so many amazing people.  We laugh, cry, share and love.  From our trip to New Brunswick to that week in Oahu, the hockey games, parties, weddings, camping, concerts, craft beer and sports, we have gratitude for each and every person who enhances and shares a part of our journey.

May 2017 be a year you celebrate success, love, happiness and health.  May you find complete contentment in your surroundings, no matter how near or far. May you be inspired and may you travel safely.  Thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged me in my first complete year as a travel blogger.  What a fabulous ride.

The year ahead is bright and full of possibility…..



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33 thoughts on “A Year in Review: The Captured Moments of 2016

  1. Looks like you have had an incredible year and congratulations on your blog success. Always love to read about how travel for you is always cherishing moments with your special ones 🙂

  2. You are so fortunate to have such wonderful family to share all those moments with. True happiness is about giving, receiving and sharing.
    I wish to you and your lovely family many happy moments in 2017! Congrats for your blogging success in 2016.
    I wish you some blogging awards in 2017!

  3. Congrats on such a fabulous year of nature, shows, family and friends, and of course all of your blog success! I love that you spent part of this year focusing on exploring your home town – there’s so much which is exciting in our own backyards that we hardly ever get to. We’re aiming to focus on the same in 2017 🙂 Happy new year!

  4. Happy New Year! It sounds like you’ve had quite the amazing year. We were in Jasper and Banff last summer and I really wish we stopped in Edmonton and Calgary in addition to exploring the parks. Maybe next time! Best wishes for 2017!!

  5. Your photos of the Rookies in Canada! Looks like absolute bliss 😀 I’m incredibly excited that Canada’s National Parks are free in 2017. I hope to make it there 🙂

  6. Wow! You had an amazing year behind chock full of good memories, accomplishments and successes. Here’s wishing your 2017 will get even better.

  7. How perfectly wonderful for you and your family. If there were ever the ideal wanderlust these pictures make it all seem real. Congratulations on your first full year. Memories of a lifetime.

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