FISE World Edmonton: An Epic Weekend of Spokes and Slopes

“Recognize where your talent lies, work hard on it, and when you reach the top of your profession, don’t forget your roots.”

-Tony Hawk-

FISE World Cup, Edmonton

Edmonton, Canada, may be a small city by population, but this northern locale is a major player on the world festival scene.  Over the weekend of Sept 16-18th, 2016, we were home to yet another epic event.  As part of a world cup circuit, and making it’s only Canadian stop here in Alberta’s capital city, thousands of fans took in FISE, a three day, jam packed adrenaline rush of extreme sports performed by some of the best riders in the world.  And the riders CRUSHED this event, giving spectators an incredible show!

BMX Freestyle Finals

With #FISEWorldEdmonton bringing forth a massive BMX Freestyle and Skateboarding park, a Mountain Bike Slopestyle Track and BMX Flatland set for the amphitheatre stage, it was bound to be a rush of tailwhips and turbines.  Even mother nature was fairly agreeable, providing some pretty decent September weather, until heavy winds Sunday meant the cancellation of the MTB Slopestyle finals.  Hey, it could have snowed.  No, seriously.


Friday evening was our first taste of bmx flatland as we headed to the Hawrelak Amphitheater stage to watch the pro qualifier.  Settled into the second row, we weren’t sure what to expect, but were hooked the minute it began.  Flatland isn’t filled with the extreme high flying of free or slopestyle, but the sheer talent and energy of it will have you cheering, and the dj beats will have you dancing in your seat.

For Sunday’s Pro Final we found a seat early.  As the crowd poured in to watch the showdown between the top 3 riders, the energy was electric.  These guys did not disappoint, making the most of the 3 rounds they had, impressing the judges and the ecstatic crowd.  Also making an appearance as an encore was local Percy Marshall, invited to showcase his moves for his home city.

Watch a Taste of Flatland Pro Finals: Edmonton Event Winner Alex Jumelin, Overall BMX Flatland winner of 2016,  Matthias Dandois and Miss Teenage B’s fave,  Adam Kun!

After it was all said and done, and the crowd dispersed, these amazing guys were kind enough to meet some fans.  This included Miss Teenage B., who was grinning from ear to ear as she posed with the night’s winner, Alex Jumelin, and her personal fave, Adam Kun.  She also met the local phenom, Percy Marshall, who was in his own state of awe from the night.  You couldn’t help but love the guy!  These gents were so humble and gracious and it made her entire weekend to meet them…..and yes, she wants a bmx now.

 To top it all off, admission to the event was FREE, and there was a ton of things to do in between stunts.  With food trucks galore, a massive beer garden for the adults, and a kids section that included bumper-balls and king of the hill, there was no shortage of fun for everyone.


Events like this are one of my favorite ways to spend time with my people.  We not only focused on quality time as a family, we exposed the girls, and ourselves, to something new.  These impressive extreme sports, and the people who dedicate their lives to their passion, are something that we left having a completely new appreciation for.  And seeing girls compete was a great lesson for my girls, in that you CAN ride with the big boys if you put in the work!

If you need me….I’ll be on my bike.



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15 thoughts on “FISE World Edmonton: An Epic Weekend of Spokes and Slopes

  1. Would love to visit more of Canada. This sounds like a great time for the whole family. The bumper-balls look like a lot of fun. And your photos are gorgeous, by the way. What a beautiful sky.

  2. Whoaa this seems like a ton of fun! I’ve never been to an event like this before. And to actually find out that it’s free.. sign me up for that!

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