It’s Not Just Water: My ‘Waterlust’ Affliction

“Water is to me, I confess, a phenomenon which continually awakens new feelings of wonder as often as I view it.”

-Michael Faraday-

I suffer from what I affectionately call “Water-Lust”, a deep yearning to be near the waves, to stick my toes in the sand and listen to the roars and the ripples.   I feel a sense of wholeness, a complete inner peace when I stand at the place where land touches the sea.  I can sit for hours watching waves crashing upon themselves or a rivers endless flow as it passes me by.  The earth is 71% water.  Our bodies are 65% water.  We are drawn to the water, our simplest forms yearning for connection.


Each and every time I stare out into the ocean, I find myself pondering the fact that “it’s just water”.  What is it about a body of water that can inspire, awaken and humble?  Water has the power to provide life and the grip to take it away.  It’s an entity of it’s own, a force of nature that can go from calm and peaceful to furious and hungry in a matter of moments.  I am in awe of the range of colors and forms, changed daily by the perfect alignment of a moon and a spinning planet.  I have relished in the warmth and cursed the cold.  I have been my most relaxed and my most afraid.  The sheer power and the beauty of water will forever call to the deepest parts of my core.

Being by the water with my favorite people is simply my happy place, the place where I feel such an incredible amount of love and a true respect for just how fortunate I am.  It’s the place we can walk, build and play together, where the laughter of my daughters echoes across the waves.  For me, these are moments of perfection.


So if it’s not just water, what is it?

It’s the views that take our breath away….

It’s our kids creating memories….

And it’s living out our Dreams….

It’s a limitless river…


Or the calm of a lake….


It’s the magical mixture of fading daylight….

And the center of a cherished memory….


Water is the essence of life.  It commands respect and attention, and in return offers gifts of beauty, life and experience.  We can stand at the edge and cry over loved ones, laugh over absurdities, throw rocks, build castles and experience moments of brilliance, peace and clarity.  Water was here long before us, and she will remain long after, washing away the memories made on her shores.

Or we can view it differently.  After all, it’s just water.



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12 thoughts on “It’s Not Just Water: My ‘Waterlust’ Affliction

  1. I love this! Waterlust – truly a force that pulls. Water is the most relaxing, yet the most dangerous friend in the world.

    The photos are also incredible! Very excited to continue browsing the blog, and following along as new things come!

  2. I too suffer from “Waterlust”, Be it the sea, river, lakes, waterfalls, all of them enchant and hold me in thrall. f course it is not only the water, it is the complete package including sand, hills and plains.

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