2015….My Favorite Moments in Pictures

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

-Karl Lagerfeld-

I cannot help myself, the desire to dig out my camera is in my chemical makeup, shelved between reading, good wine and 80’s movies.  I am far from professional, I’m a point and shoot girl, but photographs speak to my core, and I find myself in love with each of them.  I had planned to finish the year with a blog containing my 10 favorites of 2015.  But as I sat down and began sifting thru thousands of photos, laughing, tearing up, remembering…it became impossible.  I have 3 that make the list of “favorite”, because they captured moments that completely fill my heart. That “Kiss Under the Eiffel Tower” moment with Sam.  The sun setting on a perfect day hiking the Cinque Terre, enjoying a glass of wine, watching the girls play.  And that candid moment as Sydney and Brooke did cartwheels in front of St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.  Words cannot describe what it means to me to have a piece of these memories captured forever.

But what about the thousands of others??  I did my best to narrow them down into moments or days, those times that we laughed, loved and lived.  Please share a look into our lives, as we celebrate a spectacular year come and gone:

10.  Weekends in the Mountains

9.  The Food….and the wine….

 8.  Sandcastles and Seaglass, Days on the beaches of Italy

7.  Our Village and the Laughter They Bring to Our Lives

5.  The Masterpieces

 4.  The Magic

3.  The Views

2.  Those Candid ‘Sister Moments’

 1.  My Absolute Heart and Soul:

May your 2016 be filled with success, happiness, love and light.  May your table be filled with food, family and friends.  May you laugh often as you create incredible memories.  May you explore new heights, reaching new goals.  May you smile and cheers and learn from your stumbles.  And may you see your importance on this big, beautiful planet, because you matter, and so does your story.

La Dolce Vita,




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